Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arizona Essentials October Fall-ow Us Contest!

Arizona Essentials first contest is limited to Arizona Residents. Contest rules may change in the future, for now, this contest will remain local.

This is Arizona Essentials First Contest - Please be Patient and Have Fun Fall-owing along!

All links necessary to the contest are listed below the rules.

The contest rules are simple: Fall-ow Us, Fall-ow the T!

1. Like Arizona Pest Control & dear, sweet little ol' me, Arizona Essentials, on FacebookSign-up free @ Happus_Phoenix.


Follow Arizona Pest Control, Happus_Phoenix & Arizona Essentials on Twitter
*This applies to NEW followers only. If you already follow us on Twitter, please Like us on Facebook or do the free Sign-up options available per site. Sign up, free @ Happus_PhoenixSign-up for the Arizona Pest Control Newsletter.

2. Follow Arizona Essentials Blog - Follow Box is toward the bottom of blog.

& then

4. Name one location I have Blogged, Tweeted, Facebooked about regarding my #AZPestSwag , Arizona Pest Control T-Shirt. See this post for an example. These Touring T posts will be dubbed , Mr. T - doing some activity or another.

Arizona Essentials will be taking our Bug Squashing Champion Title T on Tour and using photo's to entertain you while we do it - so stay tuned to our adventures if you want to win!

5. Comment on this post to let me know that you have done all the contest requirements and are entering to win. Don't forget to name a location that I mention with my #AZPestSwag T-Shirt! Let me know who you are so I can confirm Likes, Follows & Sign-up's , please. 

The contest will run the entire month of October. Your Likes and Follows must stay for the entire month of October, too. I know , so mean! It's to protect our regulars and new friends equally. If you want a chance to win, make sure you're still Liking and Following during the time of the drawing - November 1st. 

Contest ends at Midnight on Halloween. Come back to Arizona Essentials on November 1st , to see if you are a winner!

On November 1st, Arizona Essentials will do a random drawing (via an online service) and announce the winner ASAP!

For now, it's a $25.00 Mystery Prize! 

How bad can it be? If I creatively fall on my face, and you win, you will at least get 25 bucks, one way or another! 

Contest Links:

Arizona Essentials Twitter
Arizona Essentials Facebook
Arizona Essentials Blog

Happus_Phoenix Twitter
Happus_Phoenix Free Sign-Up

Arizona Pest Control Twitter
Arizona Pest Control Facebook
Arizona Pest Control To the right, scroll down for the free newsletter Sign-up.

P.S. Happus_Phoenix is offering five dollars Amazon to first 50 sign-ups so let's get started!!!

The Fine Print:
Arizona Pest Control and Happus_Phoenix are not responsible for this contest. They are included as a show of support from this blog and allowing me to include them for the fun. Please do not direct questions to either entity. All inquiries about this contest should be directed to Thank you for your understanding. Drawing will be done via an online service to ensure fairness and accuracy. Prize will have a minimum value of $25.00 and be limited to those that have followed contest rules and entered accordingly , as per contest instructions, on this blog.  If no Facebook is available for an entity listed in this contest, please take advantage of both site's free sign-up as a replacement and qualifier for the Facebook Like & Existing Twitter Follower portion of this contest. Obviously, you will have to supply contact information if you are a winner. How else will I get the goods you way? This contest is limited to Arizona residents only please. We may consider going national or international with our contests in the future. If you would like your business to be part our Arizona Essentials Give-Away's, involvement is simple and minimal. Please contact me for details. Contest ends at midnight on Halloween MST. 

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